A patient time before revolution

After many years of floating adrift in the realm of media producers and other parasites of the kind, many authors have decided to break free from the system and do something with their lives. Many have simply changed profession. My case is a different ball and I cannot and I refuse to give up a lifetime of struggle because shortsighted people are in power in the cultural industry. No, I won’t give in and if I go down, I will go down fighting.

No matter where, and in fact I believe that borders are pretty worthless when we talk about cultural production and distribution, the old traditional media is leaking thru the seams and patches aren’t effective in order to keep the established rules in place.

The European Union has cleared the way to repression of the Internet thru article 138 which basically trashes the justice system to shreds: no need for court orders to punish “bad” citizens who download illegal materials. Sarkozy and other little men will be hands-free to punish. Their ego inflates but reality is quite nasty to show that unless they set up a real repressive system as there is in China and Iran (look to whom the European governments must to look for inspiration!!!) all these efforts will be in vain.  Almost at the same time, the US government has repealed the right-wing initiatives to force Internet control.

I have watched an interview of the Chilean-Spanish filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar in Radio Cable where he said interesting things: a) it is impossible to win against zero! b) the internet appears in the XXI century as the Christians appeared in the beginning of the first millenium as a genuine revolutionary force. c) Internet must the regulated in order to half a dozen filmmakers as himself continue to be able to produce 50 million euros budgeted movies (italic are textual citation from Mr. Amenabar). Quite interesting to see and hear that man defending without any sort of shame or embarrassment the inequity and mostly the absurd “Internet regulation” which he claims to be a necessity for films like  his delirious production which cannot be paid off ever in the European market but which he considers a necessity to the world and a right he has acquired.

So what are we talking about now? Revolution? I thought those small chats were left  after 20 years of the fall of the Berlin wall but it seems that analogies are being made with the ancient Christians overthrow of the Roman Empire!!!! That’s is amazing and revealing light at the same time. Hollywood majors and a bunch of Euro-filmmakers who aspire stardom at any cost have forgotten their historical differences and joined forces with the North-American right-wing, with the Republicans, with the European most autocratic governments, all them in a crusade against the “infidels”, thieves as the authors’ societies in Europe call downloaders.  That only brings to my mind that when all irreconciables enemies join forces it’s because the war is 100% lost.

What happens next then? It seems that all the options are fair when no option is taken. Certainly we are not going to see the end of times (if the end of times come we will be dead anyway and it won’t matter any longer), film and television will continue to exist as theatre and ballet didn’t die because of cinema and later on cinema survived video and DVD. There will be always a public for that media. But the truth of the matter is that currently all the studios are mad as hell and established authors also is not because film is dying. Film is not dying! The DVD market, the home market is terminally ill. No Hollywood blockbusters paid itself with 35mm prints released. Not since the 1970’s! It was all paid by video and later by DVDs rentals and sales. Digital medias, virtually cost-free medias today. So, please ladies and gentlemen! Quit screaming about film (movie theatres) and talk the name of the game: money making. DVD sales. DVD rentals. Digital media. Copyright.

This short video illustrates perfectly the new paradigma the entertainment industry faces.

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