The greatness of humility

Kevin Spacey has given a magisterial speech in the generally shameful FICOD 09 which touched and moved tremendously people who are not just for the quick buck and the ever lasting ancillary rights (70 years after death of the author). If for nothing more, the fortune spent on the event is paid out by his conference, wisdom and lesson of humility. Humility which in the Romanic languages is usually confused with humiliation! Congratulations Kevin Spacey!


Mr. Spacey has made an outright plea for the “lucky ones” to allow space for the new generations to raise the ladder (better said: the elevator) and be allowed to show their capacity. He has recalled how Jack Lemmon has helped his way up and how they shared the same values regarding the “talent elevator”. The real good ones don’t need to oppress to get their way in the podium of greatness.

Many topics where raised during his intervention and he showed an open-minded posture regarding the digital revolution. “Those who feel and can see the future is embracing it”, he said. It seems clear that Mr. Spacey has seen a long time ago as far as producing a film with a plot centred on nothing less than “Facebook”. He couldn’t be clearer about it when he related to the music industry which embraced the repression model: “if you don’t give people what they need, when they need and how they need at affordable conditions, they will find their ways and get it for free”.

For the complete English conference click
Kevin Spacey

Chapeau Kevin!

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