A big crisis with the wrong man

The financial meltdown of 2008 were brought over us, the whole world by petty, selfish and disgusting men and women devoted to cash-in fast bucks as fast as they could. No matter what it would take in order to achieve their miserable endeavor, they sure did: faked documents (crime!); bribed officials (crime!); lobbied (not a crime); embezzled funds (crime!). The list could go on far and long. It was not done in a day but the explosion of the bomb came in the best of the timings: the USA and the rest of the world were all “drunk” with an exotic Hawaiian punch called Barack Obama. No! I distrusted the hypothetically naiveté of the MTV generation slogan: “Yes, we can!”

Obama Super Star

Obama Super Star

No, he couldn’t and he didn’t. He came into the scene and got supported besides by the Internet crowdsourcing and other left-overs, by the big money. He played the clown, I wonder for what kind of pay? The Wall Street world-owners had a convenient scape-goat, the fiasco named Bush. The “new” gift of God to mankind threw sand in the eyes of the world with optimism and in his craving for power also spread mischievous lies and false hope; at least, he had plenty of knowledge that his country and the rest of the world were diving into the abyss of his predecessors.  For the salvage capitalists he was the right man in the right time. While the “democrats” and “left-wingers” were deluding themselves that a “savior” had come, a sort of black Messiah that would fix the dirty the nasty white collar/white men and women created during the 20 years prior to his arrival- the financial system went to the gutters and he, himself approved the help to these men and women and hired them, the wolves to take care of the chicken house, once he took office. He was at least a coward but more than ever an accessory to the crimes committed. Bill Clinton got an impeachment procedure for an “affair”; Bush and his employees are scot free with his blessings. And what kind of legal measures Obama has ordered against the fraudsters to the Attorney General?  He is guilty of antiethical behavior and negligence. There are analysts who say he lacks courage to undertake more aggressive attitudes in order to not inflame the opposition and diminish the stigma he bears already. But no, he doesn’t move assertively in order to not damage his own league. No one has ever reached a senator level let alone presidential command for the sake of love for the people. Politicians are employees from the big capital: ideologies are dead and cremated. Obama is a victim of the vicious racism of the ignorant majority of the American population but he is no coward, instead he is a brave warrior fighting for his own interests.

Some facts are to be called: the empire is crumbling and may fall. Why? Considering intellectual property is US main export and technology is spread with or without the inventor’s consent and without paid royalties the scenario doesn’t look good at all. We are left with a total artificial and dead end system of values:  money is only a reference in the financial system’s files; what is said to be the world’s countries’ GNP is a mere question of statistics and the cherry on the top of the cake: there is no need for governance given that the  capital (the “too big to fail companies”) are the real bosses of the game who demand, I said demand Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy and others to take this or that action in order to safeguard “their world”.

In the bottom of the stove rest a mass (ashes) of unnecessary workers who are doomed to live out of the crumbs of the powerful and rich. Proud in their misery as if such a pride could exist, therefore the need to be patriotic or nationalist.  Those feelings are not a plain stupidity anymore, something from the guts, no. They are provoked and encouraged by the mass media which at the end of the day is controlled by the big capital.

I’ve spoken with many capitalist who had laid-off workers and the main answer about re-employment of the dispensable people is that they have discovered that automation investments are paying off tremendously now: low maintenance and low human resources efforts. Meaning: with or without crisis they’ve learned to survived without the disposable work force and increase margins. What is the purpose to rehire them?